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Devotional Religious Puja or Pooja items Natural,High Quality Products. deals all types of puja items for daily life,temple (ambalam or Kshethram),home temples,pure brass or copper pooja items,wooden religious articles,cotton wicks,pooja nool,lamps (nlavilakku),avana palaka,pakida palaka,pooja peedam(stool) etc.

Puja items are:-

  • Nilavilakku (Diya Oil Lamp) Brass
  • Vaasthu vilakku
  • Diwali diya (Diya  Deep)
  • Camphor (karpooram)
  • Cotton wicks (Cotton nool)
  • Ramayanam book
  • Panchangu Book 
  • Avani Palaka
  • Raasi Palaka

 If you need any special products related to pooja,or pooja religious articles send a mail to us or whatsapp  9633063039 ( Working hours 10 AM- 5 PM)
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