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Avani Palaka Designed Edge Wooden Chowki Bajot

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Kerala Avani Palaka Curved edge  or Koorma Peedika (കൂർമ്മ പീഠഇക)Product Specifications and details

Avani Palaka curved  Edge Customized making 

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Curved  Edge :Size

  • Curved Edge Avani palaka details

    • Color: Yellow
    • Material: Jackfruit Tree Wood (plavu)
    • Length: 20 inch - 21 inch (52-54CM)
    • Width: 9 inch - 9.5 inch (23-24CM)
    • Height: 0.5 inch - 1 inch
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Customized Avani Palaka - Koorma Peedika - Wooden chowki- Buy Now
The Koorma Peedika is used mainly during the recitation of mantras or prayers that require sitting on the ground with crossed legs. It provides a comfortable and stable surface for sitting and also represents the stability and support of Lord Vishnu.
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Avani Palaka Kerala Wooden Artifacts For Pooja

Avani Palaka (ആവണി പലക ആവണ പലക )is a wooden flat seat used mainly by Hindus while worshiping. It is made up of jackfruit tree wood. While worshiping or in family rituals it is recommended to sit on this wooden flat seat or aasan and conduct the Puja. It is ideal to place God idols or to sit while performing Hindu puja. Amazingly handcrafted with very clean finishing. Place your favorite idol on the wooden plank within your home temple.

AAvani Palaka Avani Palaka chowki bajot ideal to sit while performing Hindu puja or to place God idols.

Avani Palaka can also be used in daily puja done at home, to occasional temple ceremonies and annual festivals, to few lifetime events such as birth of a baby or a wedding, or to begin a new venture. Blended along beautifully within the divine aura of your pooja room and will also become your favourite. An ideal choice for keeping Idols, Pooja plates, Kalash (brass/copper pots), Lamp/diya, Incense stick holder.

  • Super Strong Product
  • Extreme Workmanship Provides Matchless Finishing
  • Ready To Use / No Need To DIY Or Carpentry
  • Get home this wonderful Avani Palaka chowki bajot ideal to sit while performing Hindu puja or to place God idols.
  • Used during daily puja at home, temple ceremonies and festivals etc. Few lifetime events such as birth of a baby or even during Hindu weddings.
  • Blended beautifully along within the divine aura of your pooja room.