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Ashtamangalya Vilakku (Changalavottom)

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Buy Online Changalavattom Ashtamangalya Vilakku  brass oil lamps

 Ashtamangalya Vilakku (Changalavottom ചങ്ങല വട്ട) 

Ashtamangalya Vilakku (അഷ്ടമംഗല്യ വിളക്ക്) is also known as Changalavottom Leaf Shapped Sacred Lamp traditionally given to the bride upon marriage and also similar manglaya  or marriage occasions. Brass  Ashtamangalya Oil lamp is an auspicious lamp comes as part of manglyam. The Ashtamangayla Vilakku is a long leaf shaped sacred lamp with an oil reservoir in the middle.  

This unique lamp comprises of a key shape diya in the front, a well for oil in the middle where a spoon is attached to a chain with a snakes head for pouring oil into the bowl, and a handle, which is embellished with a figure of a “Hamsa”.

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