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Holy Water Sprinkler Brass

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Brass Holy water sprinkler catholic church articles buy online.

Brass Holy water sprinkler  Free shipping all over India 

Catholic church article brass holy water sprinkler  called vessel used to sprinkle panineer, holy water on individuals during a blessing by a pastor or priest.  It is also called panineerveeshi Rose Water Sprinkler, Panineer Veeshi, Brass Holy Water Sprayer.

How does this holy water sprinkler work?

This brass holy water or rose water sprinkler uniquely designed product made of brass.The opening at the top of the elongated tube comes with a small umbrella design through which the water gets sprayed all around. Round and bulb design to the lower portion holds rose water. Sudden jerk or movement makes the water to move upwards through the narrow tube and finally seep through the opening at the top. Christian religious ceremonies make use of this product to sprinkle holy water and in marriage functions rose water sprinkler has its say as it is used to welcome the guests. Have a look at this the dimensional details of Brass Holy water sprinkler.

Dimensions of Rose Water Sprinkler, Panineer Veeshi, Brass Holy Water Sprayer

  • Weight - 200 to 250gm
  • Height - 20 to 22cm
  • Base Bulb Width - 5 to 6.5cm
  • Free shipping across India

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