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Lakshmi Vilakku (Gajalakshmi Vilakku)

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Brass Traditional Lakshmi Vilakku ( Kamatchi Vilakku / Lakshmi Oil Lamp) Goddess Laxmi is flanked by gigantic elephants on either side of the Goddess. This Gajalakshmi Oil lamp is basically a lovely looking

Oil lamps have a significant role in the Hindu religion and are found both at home and in Hindu temples. Single wick lamps, such as this, are commonly used for puja (worship) in the family home.

Lakshmi Vilakku or Gajalakshmi Vilaku, made of brass is a traditionally popular lamp variety of Hindu religion. The goddess Lakshmi is portrayed as seated on a lotus, flanked on both sides by an elephant (Gaja). Brass made Lakshmi lamp illuminates the knowledge and would eradicate ignorance or darkness from us. Its believed that all of our negative thoughts or tendencies get burned just like the cotton wick. 

 Gajalakshmi vilakku Lamps (ലക്ഷ്മി വിളക്ക് ) Dimensional measurement (Kamakshi Diya) 

  • Height - 9 cm -11 cm
  • Weight - 130gm -160gm

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