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Kalabham Yellow Chandan Kalabam

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What is Kalbham? Uses of Kalabham 

Kalabham (കളഭം कलाभम) is made of gulgulu, manchi, kumkum flower, kottam, iruveli, and ramacham. Kalabham contains not only sandalwood paste but also aromatic ingredients like Kasthuri. Kalakabhishekam is done using Kalabham to cover the idol fully.

What is difference between Kalabham and Chandanam?

With the gradual addition of water, a thick paste forms (called kalabham "കളഭം" in Malayalam language and gandha ಗಂಧ in Kannada) and is mixed with saffron or other such pigments to make chandanam. Chandanam, further mixed with herbs, perfumes, pigments, and some other compounds