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Palm Sugar or Palm Candy

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Buy Online palm sugar or panam kalkandam (Lump sugar palm) from

Palm Sugar (Panam Kalkandam പനം കൽക്കണ്ടം )is also called palm candy or lumps sugar palm.  These lump sugar palm crystals are made from sweet Neera from Palmyra. Health benefits of palm sugar or palm candy is natural sugar and sweetener rich in vitamins ,minerals ,calcium and iron.

How to use Panam kalkandam? പനം കൽക്കണ്ടം  (Palm Candy / Lump sugar palm/

Panang kalkandu) Palm sugar can be added to your tea, sweets as a substitute for sugar.

Panam kalkandam or palm candy product details or specification:-

  • Product type:Crystals Sweet
  • Ingredient : Palm sugar
  • Packing type: 250gm Packet
  • Shelf Life :15 months in a air tight container.
  • Uses :Substitute for sugar
  • Shipping methods :Palm sugar marketed and packed

Palm Sugar (Panam Kalkandam HSN Code  of  1702.90.10

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