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Marayur Jaggery Marayoor Sarkkara

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Marayoor Jaggery -Organic,Chemical-Free Sarkara/Sharkara.

  • Ingredients :Marayur Jaggery (Marayoor sharkkara)
  • Taste :Sweet
  • Packet type: 1 KG Packet
  • Shelf Life : 6 months, best to refrigerate after opening.
  • Uses and Features : Dark brown colour slightly golden patches high in iron content.

What is marayur jaggery? Specialties and health benefits of marayoor sharakkara?

  • Marayur Jaggery in different languages :മറയൂർ ശർക്കര,गुड़ English: Jaggery; Tamil: Vellam; Malayalam: Sharkkara / Sarkara; Telugu: Bellam; Hindi: Gur/Gud.  The peculiar geographical location of Marayoor, which nestles amid the forests of the Western Ghats gives the sugar cane a distinct geographical identity.
  • Unlike other jaggeries, Marayoor jaggery is distinct in colour and aroma, dark brown covered by a patch of golden flakes with a refreshing fresh sugarcane aroma.
  • Marayoor jaggery is an alternative for regular processed white sugar, with a low glycemic index which helps you control blood sugar.
  • Marayoor Jaggery has rich iron content which helps you with oxidative stress.
  • Marayoor Jaggery is chemical-free, preservative free and organic jaggery made only with local sugarcane grown in the area.
  • Shelf life- 6 months. Store it in an air tight container avoiding direct sunlight. Best practice to refrigerate after opening the packet.

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