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Wooden Easter Bell Church Hand Bell (Maramani)

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Wooden Bell for Holy week in Churches (Mara Mani മര മണി) Wooden Clacker from

Wooden Clacker for Holy week Bell for Easter Vigil .  Handmade Wooden Clackers for Easter Triduum Services.

Wooden Clacker for Holy week Bell for Easter Vigil Enhance your Easter Vigil experience with the traditional sound of a wooden clacker. This Holy week bell is the perfect addition to your holiday traditions, providing a sense of nostalgia and reverence as you celebrate. Crafted with high-quality wood, this bell is built to last and deliver a clear, crisp sound. Bring the spirit of Easter to life with this timeless instrument Handmade Wooden Clackers for Easter Triduum Services.

Bell for Easter Vigil Wooden Clacker Clapper  Product details:-

Material : Wood

Use:For Holy week 

  • മര മണി
  • ഓശാന
  • പെസഹവ്യാഴം
  • ദുഃഖ വെള്ളി
  • ദുഃഖ ശേനി
  • ഈസ്റ്റർ

Note : Design and pattern slightly  may vary depends upon the availability 


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