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White Chutti Towel Cotton Chutty Thorth

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Buy Online White chutti thorth cotton chitty or chutty towels  Edge stitched 

White chutty thorth (ചുട്ടി തോര്‍ത്ത്)pure cotton product details:-

  • Chutty Cotton Towel or thorth type :100% Cotton Kerala Cotton
  • Available sizes :Extra Large,Large,Medium,small and Very Small (Kutty thorth)
  • Chitty Towel Type : Edge Stitched and Unstitiched.
  • Colour : White chitty or chutti towel
  • 100% cotton and handwoven.
  • Instant water absorption .
  • Care Instructions: Gentle Wash
  • Chutti design colour may vary blue, red, green, brown 
  • HSN Code 6302.60
  • Single Piece
  • Edge stitiched 

Cotton Chitty Towel or chutty thorth Kerala Bath towels measurements :-

  • Very Small (Kutty thorth) Kerala Bath Towels Cotton

Width : 13IN-15IN (35CM-38CM)

Length : 28IN-29IN (70CM-74CM)

  • Small (Kutty thorth) White chutty Kerala Bath Towels Cotton

Width : 18IN-19IN (45CM-48CM)

Length : 36IN-37IN (93CM-100CM)

  • Medium Size white  chutty thorth  (ചുട്ടി തോര്‍ത്ത്)

Width : 25IN-26IN (52CM-53CM)

Length : 63IN-66IN (133CM-135CM)

  • Large  Size white  chutty thorth  (ചുട്ടി തോര്‍ത്ത്)Kerala white bath towels

Width : 25IN-26 IN (66CM-75CM)

Length : 56IN-58IN (135CM-148CM)

  • ExtraLarge  Size white  chutty thorth  (ചുട്ടി തോര്‍ത്ത്)100% cotton Kerala white bath towels
  • Width : 26IN-30IN 

    Length : 58IN-60IN 



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