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Vegetable Peeler Fruit Peeler

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Kitchen Peeler Plastic Vegetable Peeler Non-Slip Handle

The Vegetable Peeler Fruit Peeler is perfect for those looking to quickly remove skin from vegetables and fruit. Crafted of high-quality stainless steel, the peeler's razor sharp blade allows for easy, efficient peeling every time. Enjoy the convenience of versatile use in the kitchen with one tool.

Fruit Vegetable Peeler Product Details :-

  • Handle : Non slip Plastic Handle 
  • Handle Colours - Red and White 
  • Blade :Steel 
  • Speciality :Peeler helps you easily and safely peel the skin of Fruits and Vegetables with Minimal Effort.
  • Ideal for Fruit and Vegetables.
  • A faster and safer alternative to using knives