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Vayu Gulika-Lokapriya Kasturi/Lokamayahara Kasturi Pills

S.S.R Vaidyasala

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Buy Online Vayu gulika Lokapriya Kasturi/Lokamayahara Kasturi Pills  

Kasturi Pills Used for  digestive and gastric issues

Vayu Gulika-Lokapriya Kasturi/Lokamayahara Kasturi Pills  Product Details:

  • Net Quantity : Pack of 2,Pack of 5 and Pack of 10
  • Bottle type : Tiny Plastic Bottle Outer paper cover
  • Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Material feature : Vegetarian
  • Brand : Sree Sitaraghaya Vaidyasla (S.S.R Vaidyasala)
  • Dosage Adults : 3-4 pills day

How to consume Vayu Gulika-Lokapriya Kasturi? Usage  Vayu Gulika-ലോക പ്രിയ /ലോകമായാഹാര കസ്തുരി പിൽസ് 

Pills are to be chewed slowly either individually or it can be taken along with honey after powdering it.

Shlef life of Vayu Gulika-Lokapriya Kasturi/Lokamayahara Kasturi Pills.

  • Upto One year from the manufacturing date.

About Brand S.S.R Vaidyasala.  Sree Sitaraghaya Vaidyasla.

Tracing origins to Kakinada, Palyam Venkatachala Pandit was born into a Muluknadu Smartha family, in Palya, Kollegal Taluk, Karnataka.Starting with learning Ayurvedic medicine preparation from his father, Palyam Venkatachala Pandit soon began to treat many people who suffered from various ailments who approached him. This culminated in the establishment of Sree Sitaraghava Vaidyasala in Mysore in the year 1900.

In the year 1919, when the spread of pneumonia was rampant in India, claiming many lives, he formulated the Lokamayahara Kasturi pills which to this day is famously known as Kasturi Goli, Vayu Guliga etc. and is manufactured at the unit in Mysore. This has become a household name and people use it to keep their throats and sinuses clear, apart from using it for various respiratory illnesses.

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