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Tomato Muruku|Thakkali Murukku|തക്കാളി മുറുക്ക്

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Introducing Tomato Muruku, the tangy twist on traditional chaklis loved by all ages. Made with nutritious tomatoes, this savory snack pairs perfectly with a cup of tea or can be a festive addition to your celebrations. Try Tomato Muruku (തക്കാളി മുറുക്ക്) for a unique and delicious snacking experience!

Tomato Muruku|Thakkali Murukku|തക്കാളി മുറുക്ക്|Chakli Namkeen Sticks|Tomato Snacks|टमाटर मुरुक्कू Product Details:-

  • Crispy and crunchy, delicious in taste
  • Trans fat free
  • No added preservatives|artificial flavours
  • Weight : 200GM/1KG
  • Shelf Life : 45 Days (from the date of packing)
  • Murukku, brings the same crunch
  • Ingredients : It is made with quality ingredients Rice Flour, Country Tomatoes
  • Made with 100% natural and premium ingredients under strict hygienic conditions.

Tomato Muruku is a traditional South Indian snacks.  This is one of the healthiest chakli snacks, a perfect alternative to junk food snacking.

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