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Saras White Puttupodi Rice Flour


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Saras White rice powder steamed puttu  സാറാസ് പുട്ടു പൊടി 

Ingredients: White Rce

  • Speciality:Steamed and Roasted 
  • No artificial colors and flavours
  • Shelf Life: 
  • Net weight :500gm
  • Brand Saras

How to store Saras white flour puttu podi  @home and @ online shop

  • Storage Instructions: Once Opened, Store in an Air tight container

Tasty and pure malsala rice powder . Steamed and Roasted 

Step 1 : Add sufficient salt to 1 cup of saras puttupodi. 1/2 cup of water has to be sprinkled until it obtains the desire consistency. Step 2 : Keep the mix aside for 10 mins for the best result sprinkle more water if requires transfer the mix in to a puttu maker and layer it with grated coconut. Step 3 : Place the Puttu maker on a apressure cooker / steaming vessels and steam it for around 3-5 mins hot saras puttu is ready to serve.

About Saras Brand 

Saras, earlier known as Sara Spices, was a new-fangled venture into food industry in the year of 1979.

With its extensive popularity, this spices and food products unit of Anna Group now exports high quality spices, masalas, curry powders, ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook food products to many countries to offer the taste of authentic Indian cuisine worldwide.