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Rakthashali Red Matta Rice (Raw)

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Buy Online Rakthashali Red Matta Rice high-yielding rice varieties

What is Rakthashali Red Matta Rice?

Rakthasali Red Matta Rice  (രക്‌തശാലി) rare and most precious red rice variety.  Rakthashali, with red husk and grain, is considered uneconomical compared to high-yielding rice varieties.  

Health benefits of Rakthasali Red Matta Rice  

This rekthashali Red Matta Rice (Long Grain, Unpolished) rice small and slender-grained rice is known for its nutritive value and medicinal properties. This rice is also used as herb rice like njavara rice...

 Rakthashali Red Matta Rice  (Raw) product specifications or details.

  • Rice Type: Matta Rice
  • Maximum Shelf Life: 12 Months
  • Quantity: 500gm


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