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Raisins-Black Yellow Afghan Kishmish or Kissmiss Dry Fruits

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Buy Online Premium quality black/green/yellow raisins nuts dry fruits.

Nuts Dryfruits Black Raisins White or yellow green kismiss free shipping all over India.  

Raisins Unakka Munithiri (ഉണക്ക മുന്തിരി) Products Details:-

  • Net weight 250GM
  • Packing : Packet type
  • HSN Code :0806.20.10
  • Type : Black/Green/Yellow/Afghan 

Raisins are dried grapes and are a nutritious snack that can provide several health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits of raisins:

Rich in antioxidants: Raisins are a good source of antioxidants, which help protect the cells in the body from damage caused by free radicals.

High in fiber: Raisins are high in fiber, which can help promote digestion and reduce the risk of constipation.

Lowers blood pressure: Raisins are high in potassium, which can help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Boosts iron levels: Raisins are a good source of iron, which is important for the production of red blood cells and can help prevent anemia.

May improve bone health: Raisins contain calcium and boron, which can help improve bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

May aid in weight management: Raisins are a low-fat and low-calorie snack that can help with weight management when eaten in moderation.

It is important to note that while raisins do have health benefits, they are also high in sugar, so it's best to consume them in moderation as part of a balanced diet.