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Pooja Mat Grass Mat

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Buy Online handmade grass mat,pooja mat,infant mat

Kingnqueenz grass mat (pul paaya പായ) Handmade 100% natural mat for pooja. promoting locally women handmde entrepreneurs products. Grass mat, handcrafted screw pine mat,Thazha Paya from Kerala,coconut shell products etc.,

  • Uses of grass mat : Home decor,pooja decor,pooja purpose,natural and traditional touch in your home and office
  • Material :Natural dried grass
  • Features : Handmade natural mat
  • Content : 1 Mat

Mat products are :- thazha paya mat,handmade mat,panam paaya,metha paya,cotton mat for prayer,yoga mat etc.

  • 100% Genuine items with Quality.
  • 100% Free from any kind of Chemical Treatment.
  • 100% Natural Item

How to pack and ship grass mat ?

Note:- This product will be folded and packed in a rectangular box.

Pooja small grass product details;_

  • Dimensional measures of Grass Mat for Pooja, Small Sized Pooja Grass Mat, Handmade Grass Mat, Grass Chatai
  • Length - 50 cm- 60 cm
  • Breadth - 40cm - 45cm