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Nutmeg Jathika (Jaiphal)

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Kerala Special Jathikka Nutmeg without shell product details :-

Traditional Variety Nutmegs |Jaiphal | Jathika

  • Type : High Quality Directly sources Kerala Spices mace spice
  • Packing : Pouch Packet
  • Uses of Black :Culinary uses,Home uses,Treatment,Vegetarian and non vegetarian preparation,seasonings,herbs,
  • Mace Javithri  Kerala Spices HSN Code : 0908
  • Vegetarian
  • Shelf Life: 12 months if preserved in an air tight container without contact to moisture or wet objects.

About Products Nutmeg Jathika (Jaiphal)

Nutritional Value

Nutmeg aides in proper digestion of food. It acts as a good remedy for depression and anxiety. It helps to detox the liver and the kidney. It improves the mental functions and provides relief from joint or muscular pain.