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Njavara Rice (Navara Ari)

Ayur Bliss (RCM-CKKM)

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 Njavara Rice  (നവര അരി ) Authentic  Kerala Medicinal Rice   Shashtika Rice.

Njavara or Navara or shashtika ari (ഞവരയരി) is an authentic Kerala medicinal rice for ayurvedic treatments called "Njavara kizhi". Njavara rice   is a unique grain plant in the Oryza group. It originated somewhere in Kerala.  

Njavara Rice The rice worth Gold.

Njavara rice in ayurveda it is called shashtika ari .  Navara rice is (Karkkidakakanji/ Marunnukanji (Navara gruel)  indigenous authentic rice from Kerala.  This rice exist in two forms black and golden.  Of which black rice considered as Njavara rice seems to more nutritious and healthier than the golden variety.  

Njavara Rice Navara ari product specifications.

  • Product Type : Kerala Medicinal Rice shashtika rice
  • Packing : Packet
  • Variant : 500gm
  • Sourced : Directly sourced farmers merchants Ayurbliss ayurveda hospital 
  • Ingredients: ‎Navara Rice
  • HSN Code :10063090
  • Uses : For traditional preparation ayurveda treatment kozhi najvara kizhi,karkidakam marunnu kannji or porridge,for preparation rice 

Health benefits of Njavara Rice.

Ayurvedic doctors effectively use Navara rice paste, lepanam, to treat psoriasis. The paste is also an excellent remedy for skin lesions



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