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Nilavilakku Buy Online Brass Oil Lamps Diya

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Buy Online Nilavilakku  (നിലവിളക്ക് ) Brass Oil Lamps from

The meaning of meaning of Nilavilakku (നിലവിളക്ക് )  "Nila" meaning "floor" and "Vilakku" meaning "lamp".  Nilavilakku, the upright bronze wick lamp with a pointed top is the traditional lamp which is an integral component for all rituals and ceremonies in Kerala.  These lamps are seen almost every Keralites homes and also in Temples.

Nilavilakku (Oil Lamps enna vilakku) is  made of brass.  Nilavilakku is usually made of bronze or brass. Usually cotton wicks used in oil or ghee are used for lighting the lamp.

What are the different ways of lighting the lamp (Nilavilakku)

There are three ways of lighting the lamp. In one, only

  • one wick is lit and is directed towards the deity or sacred space and
  • in another there are two lit wicks in two directions.
  • The third alternative is with five wicks in five directions.

Nilavilakku Product Details Traditional Lamps -Different types of Kerala Lamps available online 

  • Type 1 - Very Small Nilavilakku

Height - 6-8cm
Upper Width - 2cm-4 cm
Base Width - 2cm-5 cm
Weight - 60-80gm

  • Type 2  Small Nilavilakku

Height - 8cm-10 cm
Upper Width -3cm- 4.5 cm
Base Width - 3cm - 4cm
Weight - 80gm - 150gm

  • Type 3  Medium Traditional Oil Lamp

Height - 18cm-21cm
Upper Width - 6cm-9cm
Base Width - 6cm-9cm
Weight - 450-570gm

  • Type 4 Nilavilakku (നിലവിളക്ക്)

Height -21cm- 25cm
Upper Width - 08cm-11cm
Base Width - 8cm -11cm
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