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Mustard Dal -Rai Dal (Kadukku Parippu)

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Buy Online Mustard Dal Kadukku Parippu (കടുക്‌ പരിപ്പ് ).

Mustard seeds dal products details and specifications:-

  • Net weight :100gm
  • Clour :Natural
  • Types :Dal
  • Uses : For cooking,pickles,home medicine 

What is mustard dal(Rai Dal)? കടുക്‌ പരിപ്പ്

Mustard Dal is also known as rai dal ,is an aromatic lentil dish composed of mustard seeds and lentils. This is the main ingredients of pickles.  Without mustard dal the mango Its flavor is spicy and pungent, with notes of garlic and cumin. Its texture is creamy, and its nutritional value is high. It's an excellent source of protein and dietary fiber, making it a healthy and delicious addition to any meal.

Enjoy the delicious, nutritious taste of Mustard Dal. This flavorful dal is packed with protein and calcium, making it the perfect choice for a healthy meal. Ready in minutes, Mustard Dal will bring flavorful and balanced nutrition to your kitchen.