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White Muslim Prayer Dress Niskara Kuppayam

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Buy Online White cotton prayer dress for Muslims NiskaraKuppayam നിസ്കാരകുപ്പായം from

നിസ്കാരകുപ്പായം, മക്കന, നമസ്ക്കാരക്കുപ്പായം

A Proper Dress is a very important part of Salah/Namaz. It not only covers us in a proper manner but it also relieves us of consciousness of not exposing the awrah.

The prayer set is traditionally worn over your clothes for prayers, reading of Quran or additional modesty when in groups. This article is made of Cotton fabric which is very Soft, Breathable,

Light Weight and easy to maintain. It gives a good fall to the garment.
Zuhraa has made every effort to ensure that the products are fairly described, that the product information is correct. This dress is perfect to wear over your regular clothes at home or at the mosque; also perfect for Hajj or Umrah. Easy-to-wear, you will be ready for prayer in seconds!

While all care has been taken to ensure that all details and images are accurate representations, sometimes colours vary due to monitor and camera nuances.