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Muram-Moram-Kerala Eeta muram

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Buy Online Muram Handcrafted winnowing basket made of eetta

Kerala's traditional sieve used to separate grain from rice. Muram(മുറം).

Kerala Muram or Mora Free shipping all over India 

  • Eco - Friendly Handmade Handcrafted Sieve for home Muram Details 
  • Made: 100% Natural,handcrafted,handmade.
  • Material : Eetta (Kaitha) 
  • Sizes : Small and Medium
  • Type : Plain and coated muram
  • Small Muram 

    • Length -  25cm - 30cm
    • Height - 3cm - 5cm

    Medium Size Muram

    • Length - 40cm - 45cm
    • Height - 4cm - 6cm

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