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Mund Dhothies -White Check Cotton Lungies

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Buy Online Kerala Traditional wear Mund Kailies white check cotton lungies Kailies

Whites - Dhotis, Mundus & Lungis / Ethnic Wear Cotton.

Lungi fashion - Keeping the tradition aliveLungies fashion is a garment of tradition originated in the southern states of India.Lungi ലുങ്കിസ്,ചെക്ക് വെള്ള മുണ്ട് is the casual wear of South Indian men; which is most of the times, a dress worn at home or at night. In the current days, the lungis get trendier and famous. Top brands of India come up with huge varieties of lungis, get to know what the different brands have to offer.

Kiingnqueenz check cotton mund specifications (കള്ളി മുണ്ട്, കൈലി മുണ്ട്)
  • Color White, Black Check lines - Check colour may vary black, blue, brown...
  • Design - Medium Check
  • Fabric -100% Cotton
  • Length General
  • Width - General (2 m)
  • Size - 125 cms X 2.00 mts
  • Longevity 8 – 12 months (then depends on usage)
  • Manufacturing Type :Power loom കച്ച മുണ്ട്,ചെക്ക് വെള്ള മുണ്ട്
  • Brand may Kitex,MCR,Ramraj,KKB,Manglaya etc