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Methiyadi Wooden Paduka Khadau

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Buy Online Methiyadi (മെതിയടി) Wooden Paduka Kerala tradtional Handicrafts Items from

Methiyadi Wooden Paduka Product Details :-

  • Type : Wood
  • Size: 10 CM
  • Handmade : made in Kerala

What is methiyadi or khadau?

This Methiyadi Wooden Paduka Khadau is crafted with the finest khadau wood and finished with a bright sheen. Its lightweight and sturdy construction makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, while its traditional design is sure to turn heads. Its classic style and reliable craftsmanship makes this Paduka Khadau a timeless accessory.

The Methiyadi Wooden Paduka Khadau provides elevated comfort and durability with its methiyadi wooden construction. It offers a secure grip with low-impact force, making it soft on the feet while keeping them firmly in place. This paduka khadau is the perfect solution for long days spent on your feet.