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Matta Rice Red Rice (Kerala Nadan Kuthari)

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Buy Online Palakkadan Matta Rice or Red Rice (Thani nadan Kerala kuthari) from

Kerala Matta Rice (Kuthari) is a healthier choice food.

Palakkadan Kerala Matta Rice health benefits of this parboiled rice sourced from Kerala farmers more fibre compared to other rice variety.  Kerala Matta is one of the healthiest ricen contains magnesium and Vitamin A and B.  

Matta Rice Red rice  kuthari (നാടൻ കുത്തരി)

Kerala red rice for healthy traditional cooking.  This rice or ari is partially hulled and has red husk.  Compared to other rice varities red rice nadan kuthari has  high nutritional values

Red rice product specifications or details :-

  • Type  -Packet
  • Sources -Directly from farmers merchants
  • Rice Type -Red Matta Rice
  • Variant -1kg to 10 kg
  • HSN Code of red rice matta ari -1006.20.00
  • Shipping and Delivery -All over India 
  • Category and collection:Food & Beverages,Groceries &staples



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