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Matta Rice Long Grain Matta Vadi Ari -Nirmal

Keerthi NIrmal

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Nirmal Matta Rice (നിർമൽ മട്ട വടി അരി )High energy staple rice product details and specifications:-

Long Grain Matta Vadi Rice (മട്ട വടി അരി)चावल (chaaval) details :-

  • Content : Rice
  • Shelf Life : Best before 6 months from manufacture
  • Brand : NIrmal  (Keerthi Agro Mils)
  • Soak Time: 20 minutes
  • Brand USP
  • Finest Extra Long Grain
  • Silk Touch
  • Extra Long Grain having an average length of 8.3mm
  • Width: 1.62mm
  • Colour: Brown
  • Available Sizes: 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg
  • Polyethylene Packet

About Brand _Nirmal -Keerthi Nirmal Matta Rice

Manufactured in the finesse of green fields, using high-quality methods, Keerthi Nirmal Matta rice is the best in the market with its richness, quality taste, and shape. Within Matta, we have two varieties that are A) Long grain matta rice and B) Short grain matta rice.
The Long Grain Matta Rice is rich in taste and free from any kinds of impurities and grime.