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Mace Spices Kerala Javitri (Jathipathri)

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Buy Online Kerala Sourced Spices  Mace javitri (Jathipathri).

Kerala Home of Spices  nutty, warm and slightly sweet flavour Mace or jathipathri details 

  • Type : High Quality Directly sources Kerala Spices mace spice
  • Packing : Pouch Packet
  • Uses of Black :Culinary uses,Home uses,Treatment,Vegetarian and non vegetarian preparation,seasonings,herbs,
  • Mace Javithri  Kerala Spices HSN Code : 0908
  • Vegetarian
  • Shelf Life: 12 months if preserved in an air tight container without contact to moisture or wet objects.

About Products Mace Spices Kerala Javitri (Jathipathri)

Storage of Mace or Jathipathri 

Whole dried mace is known as a blade. You can grind the Mace blades, in a grinder or mortar & pestle, when needed in a recipe but its always better to store Mace in its balde form rather than ground form as the flavour of Mace is preserved much better in its blade form than in ground or powder form. After grinding, Mace must be used immediately because its freshness and flavour is rapidly lost once its ground. Mace should be stored carefully in a cool dry place, and it should not be exposed to moisture or light. It is best to store Mace in airtight containers in a cool dark place. Try to use Mace quickly so that its falvour is maximized. If your mace has gone stale due to storage for long time, a simple technique to regain its flavour and aroma is to lightly toast it before use.