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Kunthirikkam Burner (frankincense dhoop)

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Kunthirikkam Burner

Frankincense burner  Goggul Order online  from  

The Kunthirikkam Burner is made with the highest quality frankincense and is designed to provide a pure and authentic experience. It is handcrafted with precision, ensuring that each burner is unique and effective in creating a calming and purifying atmosphere in your home or meditation space. Experience the benefits of traditional burning methods with this expertly crafted burner. Order Online from  

Kunthirikkam Burner Product Details:-

Different names

  •  Incense Burner Clay Dhunachi small 
  • Indian Dhoop Burner,
  • Kunthirikkam Burner,
  • Kunthirikkam Smoker
  • Traditional Sambrani Dhoop holder. Quality brass with wooden handle. Used in Pooja,temples,churches,houses
  • Pattern and design may vary depends upon the availability