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Kunkumadi Tailam


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Kunkumadi Tailam  (കുങ്കുമാദി തൈലം) Product Detais

  • Brand : Kottakkal
  • Netweight :10ML Pet Bottle
  • Usage : As directed by the Physican
  • Dosage : For External Application only
  • Indication : Discoloration of face, pimples, wrinkles, premature graying of hair

Kumkumadhi Thailom Ingredients and prepartion 

Kunkumaditailam കുങ്കുമാദി തൈലം is one such preparation mentioned in the classical Ayurvedic text Ashtangahridayam consisting of many precious ingredients. The name implies the use of high-quality saffron. The raw materials for preparing the oil are tested in our quality control laboratory which is accredited by the department of AYUSH. The high-quality saffron is procured from Kashmir and tested by using a spectrophotometer. The organoleptic properties of the finished product are checked by experienced senior doctors of Arya Vaidya Sala. This oil is an AYURVEDIC MEDICINE that is in use for several centuries. Regular use of this oil, ensures lustre of the skin. This unique combination of oil with its natural ingredients is formulated in such a way to help skin look young and healthy. Kunkumdaitailam improves complexion, makes skin fair, add radiance to skin and also reverses sun tan, and treats patchy skin.