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Kitex Black Mund Cotton Dhoti


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Buy Online Kitex Pure Cotton Black Mund 

Kitex black (kaala)  Mundus & kavi colour Lungis / Ethnic Wear Cotton.

The black  colour mundu is malayalees comfort wear. Pure cotton Dhoti with Colour Border is ideal for both daily wear, a visit to the temple, church and all functions 

Kitex Mundu Veshties Dhothies Black colour Mundu

At Kitex, we produce and sell online and shop both white dhotis and cream dhotis that go well with any shirt. We have a wide variety of designs when it comes to the jari borders, embroidered and patterned by some of the most skilled indigenous weavers using state-of-the-art looms. Our designer dhotis aim to combine this traditional drapery with comfort and style. We want our dhotis to be a symbol of inherent culture and a fashion statement at the same time and to represent our cultural richness and exuberance.

 Kitex black colour mund (ബ്ലാക്ക് മുണ്ട്) specifications details

  • Color  Black  thin colour border,border colour may vary
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Little Colour Bleeding unavoidable
  • Manufactured by KITEX
  • Design - Plain Saffron
  • Fabric -100% Cotton
  • Longevity  depends on usage)
  • Pattern - Border Type
  • Dimension - Single 124cm*192cm
  • Fabric - cotton
  • Border Color - White, Grey (Border Color may vary depending upon the availability
Black Mundu is a black coloured Kerala mundu with a white border. These dhotis are also used by pilgrim visiting the Sabarimala Ayyappa temple during the Mandalapooja period

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    Kitex Mund Available Patterns -White,Black,Kaavi/Saffron,Off white,Lungies and Kailies