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Kerala Unni Kutti Pappadam online-Papad

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Buy Online Kerala Unni Kutti Pappadam or papad

Kingnqueenz kutti pappadam or unni pappadam small size papad

Order Kingnqueenz 100% vegetarian pappad Pappadam/Pappad  are prepared from edible flour, urad dal and salt.  Kerala Pappadam is known for its crispiness usually served as side dish fry with Kerala red rice nadan kuthari sadhya. 

What are the different varieties of Pappad available? 

In Kingnqueenz wide range of all brands Kerala Pappad, Guruvayoor Papad,Kalavara Sadhya Pappadam,Guruvayoor Pappadam,Homemade Pappad.

Unni pappad or small pappad also available in Kingnqueenz groceries online

Kerala Traditional Food Kutty or baby Pappad Specifications



Ingredients : Flour,Urad Dal and salt

Type: Fryums

Brand : All brands Kalavara sadhya,Guruvayoor,homemakers 



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