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Jackfruit Chips (chakka varuthathu or chips)

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Buy Jackfruit Chips Online Flavours of Kerala Popular snacks item.   Jackfruit chips in malayalam chakka varuthathu (ചക്ക ചിപ്സ് Crispy Chacka Chips pacha chacka varuthathu ചക്ക വറുത്തത് ). Chakka varuthathu or Jackfruit chips are a signature recipe from the South Indian state of Kerala Jackfruit is a seasonal fruit easily available in Kerala. It is also known to be the largest tree grown fruits in the world.

Kerala own nostalgic delicious chips.  Jackfruit chips is a healthy snacks available on line and shops also. Jackfruit chips is healthy because of it is made of raw fresh jack fruit without any adulteration and its full of fibre fruit. Jackfruit or chacka are highly nutritious and good for health.  This fibre rich fruit helps in good digestion even aid in quick weight loss.

What is jackfruit chips made of?

Learn how to make jackfruit chips or chakka varuthathu in easy steps Kerala jackfruit chips is very famous.   Jackfruit Chips Chakka varuthathu tea time snacks  Chakka varuthathu or jackfruit chips is one of the popular teatime snacks in these parts of the world.

  • Matured jackfruit before ripe is used for making this traditional recipe.
  • Although the extraction of edible segments (Chakka Chola) from the jackfruit is a tedious process
  • Preparation of jackfruit chips from the sliced and shaped jackfruit segments or Chakka chola is an easy process.

This edible snack is one of the most popular homemade snacks of Kerala. Once prepared, this tasty and crispy jackfruit chips can be stored for two or three weeks in an airtight container. Jackfruit season is during the summer and raw fruit are used for frying and also for making chakka puzhukku.

 Jackfruit Chips chakka varuthathu product details

  • Weight : 200gm
  • Material feature: Vegetarian
  • Ingredients : Jackfruit , coconut oil, salt
  • Shelf life : 
  • Storage: cool and dry place
  • Brand Chipo/Best Bakers /homemade