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Inchi Manga Achaar (Mango Ginger Pickle)


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Buy Online Kerala Homemade Mango Ginger Pickle (ഇഞ്ചി മാങ്ങാ അച്ചാർ)  

Mango Ginger Pickle, Inchi Manga Pickle, Inchi Manga Achar, Nadan Inchi Manga Achar 

Ginger Mango Pickle Product Details and Specifications:-

What is Mango ginger or Inchi Manga? Uses,health benefits and preparation of mango ginger homemade kerala pickle 

Mango ginger (ഇഞ്ചി മാങ്ങാ അച്ചാർ) is nothing but a ginger variety which is normally used in making pickles in Southern India and Chutneys in Northern India. The unique taste or flavour of Mango ginger is a combination of the flavour from mango and ginger. Mango ginger or Inchi Maanga pickle is normally served as a side dish for rice porridge, Roti or boiled rice. Unlike various popular pickles available in the market, mango ginger is sliced to fine pieces and the unique pungent flavour is an attraction. Mango ginger is available in much less quantity when compared to Mango, Lime, Jackfruit etc and hence this pickle variety is available only for very short time periods ( one or two months). The making process does not involve the usage of artificial preservatives in any form. Hence this homemade pickle cannot be stored for longer duration and it stays fresh only for a couple of months.

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