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Holy Bible Malayalam ബൈബിൾ

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Malayalam POC Bible (Standard)

Malayalam standard version  bible POC bible online

  • Content : Old testament and New testament (പഴയ നിയമം,പുതിയ നിയമം).
  • Type : Pattern Width 17CM?HT 4 CM 
  • Published by :Pastoral Orientation Centre (POC)
  • KCBC 

Malayalam English  Catholic Holy Bible POC KCBC Oder Online Old & New Testament.  KingNqueenz Devotional articles all religions. Holy books, devotional books,prayer books etc സമ്പൂർണ  ബൈബിൾ  Old Testament.(പഴയ നിയമം) New Testament. പുതിയ നിയമം.  

Here we are providing all types of bible English and Malyalam Pocket Bible Large Font bible etc all christian prayer books,rosary books, novaena books and all.


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