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Fish Pickle (Meen achaar) Online Homemade Pickles


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Buy Online Fish Pickle (Meen achaar)

Kingnqueenz Mom made Kerala style fish pickle recipe (മീൻ അച്ചാർ).

Homemade Fish Pickle 

Buy online this Kerala traditional fish pickle signature product of   Fish pickle prepared with fresh fish and an authentic blend of fresh Kerala spices.  The best and trusted women small manufacturers.  Tradtional Kerala Kingnqueenz  pickle full of tangy and tantalizing flavors to savour your taste buds.

Kerala Traditional Fish Pickle Product Details:-

  • Material Feature: Non Veg
  • No added preservatives No added Flavours 
  • Shelf life: 3-4months
  • Store in cool & dry place
  • Packing Type Glass Bottle
  • HSN Code :2103.90
  • Ingredients and Reciepe of fish pickle :-Fish(tuna/sail fish), garlic, ginger, crushed pepper, chili powder, kashmiri chili, turmeric,  mustard, fenugreek, asafoetida,coocking oil, vinegar, salt.
  •  Why Homemakers Pickles?

    Kingnqueenz pickle are not factory made or bulk made. Home made fish pickle prepared by our woman or mom units in their domestic kitchen .Locally sourced good quality seasonal fish will be used to make the pickle .Our pickles are mildly spiced and cooked in good quality oil .Pickled fish is one way to preserve fish for long .Fish pickle will be a great non vegetarian side dish for your meals.

    HOW TO USE: You can eat this pickle with rice, dosas and rotis.

     Shelf Life  Fish pickle pickle has a shelf life of nine months from the date of packing

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