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Diya Oil Lamps Clay Chirag

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Traditional karthika vilakku clay oil lamps for festivals.

Mitti Ke Diye Hand Made Clay lamp Deepak (Diyas) Pieces Made in Indian Village Handmade Traditional Clay Mitti Diya 

What is diya oil lamps used?

Diya oil Lamps are oil lamps lit during the festival of Diwali to symbolize prosperity in the new year. They are small pots made from clay and could be described as 'thumb pots' as they are made by pressing the thumb into a ball of clay and shaping it.

Clay Oil lamps product details: Free white cotton wicks

  • Material Type : Clay
  • Patterns : Traditional
  • Free-White cotton wicks
  • Pack of 5,10,25,50,100 etc
  • Manufactured :Tradtitional Village Handmade clay lamps