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Coconut Broom Stick (Eerkil Chool)

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Buy Online Handmade Coconut Broom Sticks.

Natural coconut sticks broom (ഈർക്കിൽ ചൂൽ). handmade natural coconut sticks eerkil chool ഈർക്കിൽ ചൂൽ suitable for cleaning rough ground and are ideal for stiff sweeping jobs such as sweeping fallen leaves and cleaning between stones etc. and is environment friendly material.

Coconut Broom Stick (Eerkil Chool) Products Specifications 

  • Type : Natural handmade Kerala Own Products
  • Materials : Coconut leaf sticks (eerkil)
  • Availability :  All Seasons Freshly made 
  • Made in Small Batches
  • No bulk making
  • Made In India

 How to make coconut broom sticks?

Made with coconut leaf sticks (thengola eerkil). Made of natural coconut leaf stick.This unique combination gives very effective cleaning and great durability