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Chirag-Brass Chirathu Oil Lamps

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Brass metal ware oil lamps (Enna vilakku എണ്ണ വിളക്ക്) Diwali Brass Diya's for festivals.

Brass chirag products details  and specifications:-

Oil Lamps (ചിരാത്) puja articles

  • Diametre - 5cm-7cm
  • Weight - 30gm-50gm
  • Height -1cm -2.5cm

Round shaped Brass made Diwali lights, Diwali Festival Lamps, Brass Lamp with oil.

Brass made chirathu, diya, deepa or deepam's are traditionally popular lamp variety prominent across Indian Subcontinent. Filled with oil, these diya's make use of cotton wicks were one end is dipped in oil and the other carries the light. Diwali being the festival of light has its fair share of diyas of different sizes and varieties. Clay diyas are often used temporarily as lighting for special occasions, while diyas made of brass are permanent fixtures in homes and temples.