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Charcoal Tablets for Burning Dhoop / Frankincense (Kunthirikkam)

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Buy Online Charcoal Tablets (കരി ) for burning dhoop sambrani,Frankincense (Kunthirikkam) from  

Charcoal Tablets കരി for burning Dhoop / Frankincense products details and specifications.  

  • Round shape Charcoal Tablets 24 Nos चारकोल 
  • Stand for keeping charcoal
  • Material : Pure Charcoal Tablets to burn frankincense, Sambrani ,Loban
  • Charcoal discs are easy and safe to use.

Specifications & How to Use Charcoal discs

  • The tablet edges are lit and placed in that stand 
  •  After the tablet is adequately lit, the desired Dhoop / Frankincense (Kunthirikkam) or sambarrani on it to experience the wonderful fragrance of dhoop
  • चारकोल 

Ideal for Your Home, Office, Hallway and Living Room,religious places
NON-TOXIC - No toxic substances, 100% Natural, Safe to Use daily



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