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Karpoora thattu (കർപ്പൂര തട്ട് ) is also known as Sooda Thattu or Puja Brass Camphor Arthi Plate or Pooja Karpur Arthi Holder.  It is traditionally used in religious functions, rituals or practices.  Karpoorathattu is used in all the rituals and functions to perform the arthi to the God. It plays an important part in the temples and home.It is available online is made of brass metal. The artistically designed handle is one of the peculiar features of this pooja camphor set. Circular shaped, flat-surfaced space opposite side of the handle can hold 2 to 4 camphor pieces at a time. Unlike many other varieties, this traditional camphor burner is really flat in shape. Have a look at the dimensional details of the product.

How does the Karpoora or camphor Arthi plate work? or How to use?

The camphor is placed and lit in the middle of the Karpoorathattu and it is waved in circular fashion to show the gratitude and offerings to the God.  The flames from the Karpoora Thattu are partially touched with the hands and kept on the eyes as a part of the ritual to get positivity. The hovering of the hands is used to open the sense of touch and flames are used to open the sense of sight. It gives calmness to the mind.

Traditional Brass Karpoora Thattu/Sooda Thattu/Puja Brass Camphor Arthi Plate/Pooja Karpur Arthi Holder available online all over India 

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