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Broken Red Rice Nurukkari (Podiari)

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Buy Online Kerala Broken red rice matta nurukkari or podiari

What is called broken rice or nurukkari or podiyari (പൊടിയരി )?.

Kerala broken rice or nurukkari is traditionally Kerala red rice matta rice variety.  Health benefits of nurukkari or podiari  easy to digest.  Porridge made with podiary easy to digest for stomach upset and other diseases.  Helps you to improve your bowel functions.  It i easy to prepare and cook.

Broken Red Rice Nurukkari (Podiari) Product Details or specification:- 

  • Type : Kerala Farm Fresh Rice Broken red rice or nurukkari or podiari
  • Packing type : Packet
  • Weight : 500gm
  • Material status :Vegetarian
  • HSN CODE  of broken rice podiyari : 10064000
  • Sourced ; Kerala Farm Fresh Nadan nurukkari 
  • Prepare Use Health benefits : easy to prepare,easy to digest. 
  • Shipping and Delivery :Shipping all over India
  • International shipping : Mail us to or whatsapp

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