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Black Thorth-Kerala Cotton Black Bath Towels Edge Stitched

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Buy Online thorth cotton bath towels of Kerala from

Kingnqueenz Edge stitched towels for home and kitchen,bath towels cotton handloom etc.,

Kingnqueenz  wide collection of Kerala cotton bath towels  (नहाने का तौलिया  തോർത്തു) Black towels bathroom linen for home and kitchen, pilgrim purposes sabarimala devotional purposes saffron kavy bath towels thorth.

How Kerala pure cotton bath towel different other bath towels?

More than just a bath towel, an ode to the Kerala thorth (കറുത്ത  തോർത്തു ബ്ലാക്ക് ) Making of Thorth- Thorth is a popular bath towel of Kerala that has been in use for several centuries. Today it is made on both handlooms and power looms. However, the total weight of end product, Thorth, is only around 100 gms. It is believed that the wide acceptance of Thorth as a bath towel is due to its light weight and softness, qualities that make it extremely helpful in hair care.  

Black Kerala towels cotton specifications (thorth)

Black 30X60 (white slim border) edge stitched-Small

  • Width: 21-22Inch/52-56cm
  • Length: 38-43Inch/110-113cm

Black 40X80 (white broad border) edge stitched-Large

  • Width: 29Inch/74cm
  • Length: 54Inch/137cm

Black 50X100 (white broad border) edge stitched-Medium

  • Width: 23-24Inch/59-61cm
  • Length: 47-48Inch/122-123cm available Kerala edge stitched special bath towels are

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