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Banana Chips Raw (ethakkaya varuthathu)

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Kerala Special Nendran Raw Banana Chips (കായ വറുത്തത് ) is also called banana crisp or Raw Banana Wafers.  This crispy delicious snacks is popular across the state of Kerala.  Buy these Kerala Banana Chips Online and Ripe Banana chips (pazham varuthath).

Are Kerala banana chips (plantain chips) good for health ?

Yes Sure, This homemade ethakkaya varuthathu or banan chips is prepared under-ripe banana slices deep fried in coconut oil and seasoned with salt and turmeric. Nendran variety of plantains are used for the preparation.

Ingredients of Kerala snacks homemade banana chips.

Under ripe or raw banana sliced and fried in coconut oil (velichenna) turmeric and salt.

Banana chips (കായ വറുത്തത് ) Product Details or specifications.

  • Weight : 250gm
  • Material feature: Vegetarian
  • Ingredients : Banana, coconut oil, salt
  • Shelf life : 4 weeks
  • Storage: cool and dry place
  • Type :Homemade
  • ബനാന ചിപ്സ് ,kele ke chips

How to use banana chips : This delicious Kerala snacks food products is mainly used Kerala Vegetarian Onam Sadhya for festivals,religious functions,marriage etc., Fried banana chips or banana crisps is used as an evening snack along with tea.

Health benefits of banana chips (Kerala traditional snacks) nenthran kaya snacks.  Is Potato chips or banana chips is good for health ?

One cup banana chips have much higher calories, total fat, saturated fat and sugar than potato chips.  You need to be careful and limit your intake no matter which chips.  

What are the different types of banana chips (Kerala Snacks)?

  • Banana  chips (Kaaya varuthathu) kaya upperi (കായ വറുത്തത് 
  • Ripe banana chips (Pazham varuthathu) (ഏത്തപഴംവറുത്തത്)
  • Sarkkara Upperi or sarkara varatti  Sarkara Varatty ശർക്കര വരട്ടി
  • Jackfruit Chips Chakka chips or chacka varuthathu