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AYURBLISS Chandini Anti dandruff oil

Ayur Bliss (RCM-CKKM)

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AYURBLISS Chandini Anti dandruff oil

Product Details :-

  • Packing Type Oil On bottle
  • Net Weight : 100ML
  • Brand : AyurBliss CKKM Wellness 
  • Expiry : Product Life: 3 years from the manufacturing date
  • Product Form: Oil

Anti-dandruff, anti-hair falls and anti psoriasis oil, Inhibits formation of scales and blisters on scalp and skin, reduces itching and irritations, check hyper-pigmentation in the skin and helps remove dead cells.

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About Brand Ayur Bliss

RCM (formerly CKKM) Group started its journey in the year 1965 by Dr KS Chandran but its legacy dates back even 100 plus years through Mr. C. G Kumaran Vaidyar (Father of Dr. Chandran), a legacy taken over from his father who was also a Vaidyar. RCM health care is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company with GMP certification has created a seal of quality for its services, established in the year 1965 by Dr. K S Chandran to propagate and promote authentic Ayurveda medicines and treatments affordable and accessible to everyone. The objectives set by the founder is well conceived by Dr. Rakhesh Chandran, present Chairman & Managing Director- an acceptable and experienced ophthalmic surgeon, along with his mother Ms. Kanthi Chandran Director and Ms. Linda Rakhesh , Director- Administration a seasoned management professional with relevant expertise and qualifications of a management professional. They have expanded their area of operations and diversified the activities relevant to wellness.