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Raw Rice Kerala Unakkalari

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 Kerala Raw Rice Nadan Unakalari  (ഉണക്കലരി)

Raw rice or unakalri (ഉണക്കലരി) is special kind of rice variety without moving rice bran.  Unakalari or pal payasam rice is normally available in Kerala wayanad, kuttanad etc.,

Kerala Raw Rice Unakalari product specifications or details.

  • Type :Kerala Red Rice variety
  • Packet type:Packet
  • Variant :500 gm
  • Sourced :Directly from farm merchants
  • HSN Code of Raw Rice Unakalari :10061090
  • Material Status : Vegetarian

 Uses and Health benefits Medicinal Uses of raw rice.

Health benefits of raw rice or unakalari is its nutritious contents and disease-preventing qualities. The presence of rice bran to be rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acides.  

How to prepare raw rice or unakkalari?

The Kanji (Boiled rice with water) prepared using unakkalari is taken by the patients to recover from post disease effects. Ayurvedic treatments also advise the intake of unakkalari kanji for several diseases.

Unakkalari can also be used for making puttu and payasam. Payasams prepared using this rice is known for its delicious taste and unique aroma.

Shelf life of raw rice or unakallari :- Uncooked white rice, unlike brown rice, has an indefinite shelf life if stored properly. 

  • Category and collection:Food & Beverages,Groceries &staples

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