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Manathakkali Vattal Kondattam

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Homemade kondattoms vatthals Manathakkali 

Manathakkali  Sun Dried  Product Details:

  • Ingredients: Sun Dried Black Night Shade Sun Dried, Salt
  • Directions: Deep fry in Oil and consume as side dish for porridge & curd rice
  • Brand
  • Flavour Unflavoured
  • Form Dried
  • Weight 100gm
  • Package Type Pack
  • Material Feature Vegetarian
  • Specialty Traditional Dry Food
  • Traditional South Indian Side dish For Meals
  • Home Made Delicious Ready to cook dish
  • Naturally sourced Manathakkali
  • Can be used to make Vathal Kuzhambu,
  • Toppings in Curd Rice and can be enjoyed seperately
  • Helps in Digestion

Manathakkali vattals kondattoms uses,health benefits,preparation method (Sun Berry/Makoy Crisps)

Salted, dried Manathakkali  has a dark brown colour, when fried in oil it becomes crispy and has a sour-salt flavour. Manathakkali also known as Milaguthakkali in Tamil and as Makoy in Hindi. As its ripe berries look like pepper (milagu).  It has more medicinal values. This plant's leaves are used to treat mouth ulcers that happen during winter periods of Tamil Nadu. It controls stomach problems and ulcer. Crispy fried manathakkali Vathal goes well with curd rice and hot steaming rice. 

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