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Dhara - Dosa Wooden Oil Applier

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Natural Tawa Brush Dhara - Dosa Wooden Oil Applier Buy Online  

Wooden Oil applier for dosa tawa or oil spreader is made of wood and natural thread.  

Wooden oil applier (ധാര എണ്ണ പാത്രം ) product details :-

  • Net weight :1 Piece
  • Type : wooden

Uses and benefits of wooden oil apllier 

  • Traditional Wooden Oil Applier for Dosa Tawa/Oil Spreader/Oil Dispenser other kitchen tools.
  • This kitchenware is here to help our Dosa come more crisp and delicious. The Wooden Oil Applier is made of wood and is more easy to use that way.
  • Long Lasting , Fully Biodegradable And Environmentally Responsible.
  • Its Easy way to apply oil.
  • Eco friendly
  • Once you pour the oil on the heated tawa of dosa you can spread the oil with help of this oil applier.