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Crib Set Christmas Nativity set (Pulkoodu set) Poly Marble Off white Gold

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Buy Online Christmas Set or Nativity scene (ക്രിസ്മസ്  പുൽക്കൂട്  സെറ്റ് )

Poly Marble Crib Christmas Nativity Set - Order Online, Christmas Crib Set, Nativity Figurine Set, Pulkoodu Set.

Nativity scene set  Nativity Figurine Set Christmas crib set product details and specifications

  • Crib Set Product includes : Baby Jesus , St. Joseph, Mother Mary , Good shepherd,3 Wise men , Cow , Sheep
  • Multicolored figures
    Clear face details
    Material : Poly marble
  • Note : Crib House not included in the set 
  • Type :Poly Marble 
  • Figurines: 10-12 Pieces
  • Machine-made with detailed perfection.
  • Lightweight and Washable
  • Uses Christmas and new decoration,gift items,Beautiful Gift For Loved Ones.
  • Made In India 

 What is a Nativity set ക്രിസ്മസ്  പുൽക്കൂട്  സെറ്റ് called ? 

 Christams cibe set or Pulkoodu (പുൽക്കൂട്  സെറ്റ്) set or Christmas crib, small variety is made of plaster of paris and includes 3 or ore ovely pieces creche to create a beautifully reverent scene of that most Holy night.

These include Jesus, Mary, Joseph, three wise men,  Shepherd, animals and an angel.

How pack Christmas nativity figurine set?

Christmas nativity figurine set is packed carefully in carton box with shredded paper to avoid damages and the safety in mind. Christmas crib set can also be presented as a gift for families and friends. 

 How to clean and store Christmas nativity set or crib set?

  • Cleaning off the dust that gets on the statue.
  • Take a clean pure cotton cloth moisten it and wipe the dust off the idol or figurines. This way you can keep this statue for a long time.

 Fore More details for purchase online book your crib set 

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