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Blue White Cotton Towel Set Pack of 3

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KIngnqueenz present to you our range of towels Order online

  • Buy cotton hand towels online 
  • Cloth bath towels,तौलिया tauliya
  • Maternity soft cotton white towels Urumaal
  • Kerala traditional cotton bath towels  (കച്ച തോർതു thorth)
  • Turkey type cotton towels
  • Spa/Pool Towels
  • Handloom cotton towels thorth ചേന്ദമംഗലം handwoven towels
  • Kaithary khadar type cotton towels bath towels കൈതറിതോർതു
  • High quality cotton towels thorth 
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Face Towels

Be it thick terry-cloth bath towels, hand towels and washcloths to hang in the kitchen or face towels for a quick clean-up, we have it all!  Solid terry, soft against your skin.  Soft, absorbent, fast drying and made from more sustainably-sourced cotton

Towel Set Specifications

The combination of solid terry and stripes gives you an appealing towel with great function. The solid terry is soft against your skin and the woven stripes are both absorbent and dry quickly.

Pack Contains 3 Towels of Size - 58 cms X 61 cms; 23 X 4Inches/ 39^40/ 15Inch

  • 1 White with Blue
  • 2 Plain Blue colour
  • 3 White and blue Stripes